Getting back on track!

So here I am!  Again, 3 weeks behind.  You’d think I live in a zoo if you didn’t know any better, lol! 

My exam on Aging is still not written, I still haven’t found my textbook and the work on the house is finally complete from the mini-flood, so all is gettting back in order.  I fully intend to finish this course by my birthday in January, which should give me loads of time. 

Well, I wish you all a wonderful week (or 2, or 3 as the case may be) and a far more detailed and relevant post will soon follow.  I’d just like this time to wish my dear friend Tina at Blue Jean Acres a wonderful move, and I hope she’s settling in nicely to her new home.  I miss you grrl.  Take care of you and your brood of angels!





3 thoughts on “Getting back on track!

  1. It’s crazy how that 1 thing, although that very important 1 thing – aka the textbook (!) has not shown up yet!! Tsk! Tsk! I can imagine you’ve passed it several times over, but it’s just darn tucked away – it’s practically invisible!! Miss you missus DLo !! Talk 2 u soon – still no phone here – I will call once I’m connected though!!

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