Better late than never…or so I’ve heard tell…


Today I realized that I’m a week behind in my blogging, and that I’m 2 weeks behind in writing my Aging exam.  So sorry.  The reasons being varied, for the first, well, it’s been chaotic at best “chez nous.”  I had a flood from the kitchen sink go all the way into the basement and flood my twins bedroom.  This was 3 weeks ago, and I’m still dealing with the contractor who’s not shown up, and insurance that finds all kinds of reasons not to pay for things, lol.  The kids slept with me for over a week, and I have to say, now that they’re not babies, this is infinately less pleasant, at least for me.  I ended up being kicked so much that I slept on the sofa, and they sprawled out over my queen size mattress like they owned it.  🙂

I had a princess party for my princess, (7 princesses and 4 knights…whew) her best friends birthday party, and I was supposed to write my exam.  Except, life keeps getting in my way, lol!  This time, the owness is on me, I lost my textbook.  Ok.  Lost is a pretty harsh word in this case, lost it is not, misplaced it is.  I haven’t been able to find it for over 2 weeks, and I’ve searched everywhere.  😦  I know that wherever it is it’s because I put it in a “safe” place where I wouldn’t forget it, because that’s what I do.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve found something because I’ve stashed it away so it wouldn’t be lost, only to lose track of where I’d stashed it.  🙂 

So, no words of wisdom this time, I’m actually a bit too scatterbrained to even concentrate on more than 4 or 5 things at a time, and therefore this is short today, and with no pictures because I’m sneaking on to the work computer to write this over lunch break (hope I don’t get busted!  yikes!), and can’t upload pics here and really must be quick. 

Have a great week all of you.  More to follow as it calms down.  🙂

Blessings and light.